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Current Project:
Aiku - Programmer and Web Designer
My role for this game was to create features for the game's character levels. Including but not limited to: a working modular Padlock, an affected rotated level based on the Padlock, and an examination script that allows the player to examine and rotate/zoom the gameobject. I also built the website for the game (including the title sequence for the name)

Backlog Project:
Depression Simulator- Level Designer and Programmer
This project was a class assignment that focused on simulating real life issues. It's a work in progress and a two people project.


Current Project:
Aiku - Front End and Web Designer
Website built for the current game we are working on for Large Team.

A Hearse With No Name- Front End and Web Designer
A one day project for a game for a friend.

DanielCaneda.com - Front End and Web Designer
This website. My portfolio site built to display my work. A work in progress.


Contact Me

Name: Daniel Caneda

mobile 773-964-7440
email [email protected]
home Chicago Illinois

Thank you for meeting me at GDC!
My name is Daniel Caneda
I am a Video Game Programmer
and a Front End Developer!
Please check out this website to check out my work!
PS: Test this out on mobile and on browser!
There are still things I need to iron out.
I hope you enjoy!